Small, typical towns (called Borghi) in the immediate vicinity are worth a visit, for example “Monterone” (3 km away) belonging to the province of Arezzo in Tuscany is an unforgettable village, but also the well-known “San Leo” or the famous little one City of Art “Urbino” are fantastically beautiful. For many excursions, visits and attractions, it is advisable to visit the website of our municipality “Carpegna”: http://www.parcosimone.it

San Leo

San Leo near San Marino is definitely worth a trip, one of the most beautiful medieval “borghi” in Italy. Built on an impressive fortress in Roman times, a temple for the god “luppifer feretrius” is said to have stood on the rocky hilltop of San Leo. Since the 18th century the fortress served as a dungeon for the Vatican. The most famous prisoner was the alchemist, doctor and Freemason Giuseppe Balsamo, who was sentenced to death by the Holy Inquisition for heresy. His sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. He died in a narrow dungeon of the fortress known as “pozzetto”.

  • Visits to the medieval fortress with weapons and torture cellar,
  • Basilica “La Pieve” from the 9th century
  • Cathedral of San Leone from the 12th century
  • City gate and main square with three palaces

Borgo Pace

The romantic village “Borgo Pace”, on a river with a beautiful waterfall, is about. 20 km from our house. It is a unique and refreshing experience to bathe in it (photos in picture gallery).


It is 80 km to the beautiful beach of Fano and 1 hour to the popular resort of “Rimini”, if you want to take a trip to the summer hustle and bustle of the Adriatic.

San Marino

The popular excursion and shopping destination to the “Republic of San Marino” is approx. 50 km away from us. If you would like to shop tax-free and enjoy the sights at the same time, you should make this destination your itinerary.


It is only 38 km to the artist town of Urbino, where the “Galleria Nazionale delle Marche” museum is located in the Ducal Palace. Art from the 14th to 17th centuries are displayed here, including the most important masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. Under Duke Federico III, it became one of the most important cultural centers of the Italian Renaissance. It was the birthplace of the great artists Raffaello Sanzio and Bramante. Urbino and Pesaro are the capitals of the Province of Pesaro-Urbino. Site of archaeological treasures dating back to the IV century BC goes back.

Monuments to visit:

  • Ducal Palace (art gallery and archeological museum)
  • Metropolitan Basilica
  • Albani Museum
  • Church of San Domenico
  • Raphael’s birthplace
  • Albornoz fortress

Restaurants with typical dishes from the Urbino area:

  • (black truffle “Bianchello del Metauro”, “Casciotta di Urbino” and excellent cheeses – “Formaggio di Fossa”)
  • Loschi T. Maria
  • S. Antonio
  • Ca’ Lante
  • Dei Duchi

Events in Urbino:

  • August: Historical parade with costumes from the 16th century.
  • End of July-September: handicraft markets


40 km away is a publicly accessible outdoor wellness center with 3 large white swimming pools and a sauna, a warm bathing pond and a large sunbathing area.

Sasso Simone and Simoncello

Those who like to walk can go on excursions to the mystical rock Sasso Simone and Simoncello. A shorter or longer hike can be selected from various starting points. A wonderful experience to get to know the untouched nature and the plants of this area.

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